Painting sheetrock seams

First time mudding a room. I have a perfect seam between each piece of drywall, but when the drywall hits the cement board for the shower area, I dont know what do to. Should I tape and mud it like I would between two pieces of drywall? The cement board will of course be tiled over ...

Nov 16, 2006 · Assuming that the drywall work and paint are fine, look down the walls from the side. It may just be that the studs aren't all lined staight and flush to the top/bottom plates, making the wall uneven. Do another coat of paint, and close the drapes. Or, use flat paint. This reinforces the wall or ceiling, plus hides the seams and any imperfections, such as the dimpled areas that result after you insert a screw or nail into drywall. After that, it's ready to be painted. Painting drywall is relatively easy.

The recommended level of paint finish over gypsum board wall and ceiling surfaces varies depending on location in the structure,the type of paint applied, the finish achieved on the gypsum board substrate prior to final decoration and the type of illumination striking the sur-face. The following recommendations from the Drywall Finishing

Apr 10, 2013 · It eliminates one of the last major problems with drywall finishing: “The Butted Seam” The butted seam on the left (attached to framing) is finished over 30 inches wide and is still a bump. The seam on the right (attached to a RockSplicer) is a flat seam finished 12 inches wide. Below are results of some cost analyst I did a few years ago. Painting sheetrock or drywall after it has been installed is not a difficult task to accomplish. Painting sheetrock is no different than painting a finished wall, except that there may be an extra couple of steps involving clean up and preparation after the sheetrock has been installed. These extra ... Dec 10, 2018 · Chip off any loose drywall mud on seams from which the paper is separating with a paint scraper. Puncture bubbles that have formed in the tape with a corner of the scraper.