B grade balsa wood sheets

Send me an email for a density chart of weight to size, two sheets letter size. The Grain is the next thing to look at. A grain is cut parallel to the growth rings, C grade is cut cross wise to the growth rings and B grade is in between A and C grade. C grade is the most flexible so it can be formed around curves easily.

Quality AAA Grade Balsa Wood Sheets. Perfect for RC Balsa Wood Model Airplanes, Balsa Wood Bridges, Balsa Wood Towers, Arts and Crafts. We also provide custom laser cutting services.

Mar 24, 2008 · The T'winger used traditional balsa sheet for the fuselage and wing D tube structure while the Spruce Goose was built up like a huge stick and tissue rubber model with very scanty wood sections of much stronger and heavier spruce and very little sheeting in some specific areas.

GRADE B/BB – This hardwood has a single piece face and a back veneer. The face veneer has a smooth surface with a light uniform color, while the back surface typically has 1-2 small color-matched patches. The thick face veneer also provides a smoother surface for CNC routers or engraving machines to glide on the wood.