53c400 datasheet

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2/19 ¡ Semiconductor MSM82C53-2RS/GS/JS FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Data Bus Buffer 8 D7 - D0 Counter #0 CLK0 GATE0 OUT0 Read/ Write Logic Counter #1 CLK1 GATE1 OUT1 VCC GND WR RD A0 A1 CS Control ...

Rev. 3.1 Page 1 2009-11-30 SPP12N50C3 SPI12N50C3, SPA12N50C3 Cool MOS™ Power Transistor V DS @ Tjmax 560 V RDS(on) 0.38 Ω ID 11.6 A Feature • New revolutionary high voltage technology The information detailed in this Data Sheet is liable to modification from time to time in the light of experience and of normal product development, and before using, customers are advised to check with Leighs Paints, quoting the reference number, to ensure that they possess the latest issue. EPIGRIP C400V3 - Issue 4 Page 2 of 2 10/03/2008

el640 400 datasheet, cross ... ncr 53c400 53C400 lmg5160xufc 24 pin 8x8 mono colour Dot Matrix led Display LM64P70 LCM5474-24 SANYO LCM 5483-24 LM64p722 SHARP LCD ... Datasheet -- 53C110MEG 53C110MEG 53 Series Industrial Potentiometer, Conductive Plastic Element, Solder lug Terminals, 2 W Power Rating, 10 MOhm Resistance Value PERSONAL INJURY DO NOT USE these products as safety or emergency stop devices, or in any other application where failure of the product could result in personal injury. The g_NCR5380 driver moves the base address by +8 bytes for 53C400 chips (but not for 53C400A) and defines the 53C400 specifis register offsets negative. This looks weird to me - either the 53C400A does not have these additional registers or the driver is broken and is trying to access these registers outside the I/O range on 53C400A.