Sabic lexan 141 datasheet

LEXAN™ Resin 141 - Americas is a PC material supplied by SABIC. General purpose polycarbonate with melt flow rate of 10.5.

Vicat B/50 50N (method B) at 50°C/h °C ISO 306 141 Coefficient of thermal expansion - 23°C at 55°C-10 4/K ASTM E 831 0.6 UL 94 rating flame class rating / at mm thickness Class / mm UL 94,(IEC 707) HB Limited Oxygen Index- LOI % ISO 4589 25 Glow wire passed at °C °C IEC 695-2-1 850 Electrical

Lexan* Resin 141R Americas: COMMERCIAL UL rated HB as of 10/97. 200 series recommended when V-2 rating required. Nonhalogenated. 10.5 MFR. Internal mold release.

Data Sheet Improved UV SLX1432T Additional Info Improved UV SLX1431T Additional Info Improved Scratch Resistance DMX2415 Additional Info Improved HDT XHT4141 Additional Info Improved HDT 4301 Medical Grade HP4NR Additional Info Lexan* Resin 141 Americas: COMMERCIAL General purpose polycarbonate with melt flow rate of 10.5. Property TYPICAL ... GE Plastics PC LEXAN ® 141R Date: February 09, 2005 Page 2 LEXAN 141R is a medium viscosity multi purpose grade and contains a release agent to ensure easy processing. LEXAN 141R is available in transparent, translucent and opaque colours. Standard Unit Value 5. Flame Characteristics Flame Rating – UL (0.7mm) (E121562) UL 94 class HB