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Free Shark Printables – Shark Information Cards for Kids . Your children will learn all about these sharks of the world. Where you can find these sharks, what they eat, The size of each shark, and of course all about sharks teeth. Not only that but how fast they swim, how much they weigh, and fun facts you don’t want to miss.

Fact Sheets & Guides. ... Tiger Shark. Whale Shark. Shipwrecks. ... The shoreline of Shark Bay has a ‘W’ shape formed by the Edel Land peninsula and Dirk Hartog ...

Bite-sized Tiger Shark Facts. Tiger Sharks are known as ‘The Wastebaskets of the sea’ as they are known to eat anything such as floating garbage (including licence plates!). Along with the great white and bull shark, they are one of the 3 species that are mostly responsible for attacks on humans. Jun 13, 2012 · Tiger Shark Galeocerdo cuvier Introduction to Tiger Shark. Sometimes referred to as the Sea Tiger, this is one shark that most people have an idea of what it looks like. It is a predator, but more on a micro level than a macro level like some other species of sharks.

Tiger sharks are named for the dark, vertical stripes found mainly on juveniles. As these sharks mature, the lines begin to fade and almost disappear. They are consummate scavengers, with ... Consider using chart paper cut into the shape of a large shark to keep track of the various facts you learn about sharks. As a class, you can ask preschoolers to generate one or two facts a day to add to the list. Some interesting, and age-appropriate facts about sharks include the following: Activity 3: Shark puzzle: Put it together Colour in the picture of the different sharks. Cut the pieces of the pictures on the dotted lines. After you have cut out the pieces, put them back together again. You may want to glue your shark puzzle onto another sheet of paper. 3 EDUCATOR’S RESOURCE PACK C West Coast Fossil Park